Hexaware's Massive Hiring:

Hexaware's Massive Hiring:

"6,000 Openings!" 



Hexaware Technologies plans to hire 5,000-6,000 lateral talent this year.

They have a special focus on data skills, digital engineering, app development, cloud infrastructure, & Java full-stack.

Despite market volatility, compensation expectations haven't returned to pre-pandemic levels but have reduced from last year.

The joining ratio has improved, indicating a higher likelihood of candidates accepting job offers.

Employers' negotiation power has improved, suggesting candidate expectations may soften in the next 4-6 months.

Hexaware hired around 4,500 people in 2022, increasing their headcount to over 28,000 employees.

Hexaware implemented HR interventions to curb attrition.

They operate in a hybrid work environment with no mandatory office reporting.

The company's brand recognition and continued hiring attract candidates who don't want to miss out on offers.

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