These are Top 20 technical Interview questions that were asked in the Wipro elite NLTH 2021 drive. Be prepared with all the projects and Technical skills that you have mentioned in your CV.

  1. Why do we need OOPs?
  2. Explain Polymorphism
  3. Difference between overloading and overriding
  4. Difference between compiler and interpreter.
  5. What are AL/ML and their differences?
  6. What exactly is NLP? Explain for a layman
  7. What is strong AI and weak AI
  8. What is a pointer and how will you declare it?
  9. Explain the difference between primary key and foreign key.
  10. Why did you choose this programming language over other programming languages?
  11. Why do you apply to IT, from your respective branch?
  12. Static and dynamic memory allocation and then calloc. Malloc
  13. What are array and linked lists? Explain the difference between them.
  14. If you want to insert a node between two linked lists, how will you approach the problem?
  15. Are you familiar with DBMS?
  16. Explain prime number code
  17. Swap two numbers without using the third variable
  18. What is Normalisation?
  19. What are DDL, DML commands?
  20. If further, you get an option to choose a project between JAVA or C++ which one would you choose and why?

All the best, guys!

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Disclaimer: These interview questions here are the candidate’s own experience. The questions may vary for you.

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