Mindtree Ltd is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Bangalore, India

Recruitment Process:

The Mindtree Recruitment Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:

  • Online assessment test
  • Technical interview round
  • HR interview round

Academic Criteria:

  • Candidates must have a 60% or higher in Diploma, Graduation, and MCA/ ME / MTech.
  • For SSC and HSC scores, there are no percentage criteria.
  • The interview process is open for all branches for both BE and BTech.
  • ME / MTech students must be only from Information Technology, Information Science, and Computer Science.
  • Candidates should not have any outstanding backlogs when they come for the process.
  • Only those candidates who have been shortlisted for the further rounds will be eligible for further rounds.

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Mindtree interviews.

Mindtree Interview Experience #1:

  1. My introduction
  2. My project (full explanation )
  3. Java Questions (theory )
  4. Gave two codes to debug
  5. Diff. B/w JRE, JDK, JVM
  6. Diff. B/w double equal and equal equal equal
  7. Boolean code to debug

Mindtree Interview Experience #2:

  1. Swap the number without a third character
  2. Give string and output code for that 
  3. Multiple level inheritance example codes 

Mindtree Interview Experience #3:

  1. She asked me about any gaps, Backlogs.
  2. Tell me about yourself
  3. What are class and object?
  4. Create one class with a function and call the function using abject.
  5. Create Constructor.
  6. Type of Database.
  7. What is Non Relational database
  8. Examples of Relational and Non-Relational Database
  9. What is fastest in according to insertion and Deletion
  10. Stack, Array, or LinkedList.
  11. Any courses or Internships.

Mindtree Interview Experience #4:

  1. Self-introduction
  2. Preferred language 
  3. Constructor 
  4. Pointer with example (in text box)
  5. What topics you are familiar with in C
  6. About operators
  7. How to declare an array
  8. Any loops
  9. What are the languages you know 
  10. Are you okay if you are in the Bangalore branch
  11. What are your flexibility and adaptability
  12. what is the difference between CSE & IT department
  13. Explain OPPS concepts with example 
  14. Explain your final year projects 

Mindtree Interview Experience #5:

  1. Write a Program on OOPS concepts
  2. Write a Program on Inheritance Concepts 
  3. They give the expected output and then we have to write a code on that 
  4. List Searching concepts 
  5. List Sorting Concepts
  6. Write a program on shorting

Mindtree Interview Experience #6:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. About Project
  3. About your family 
  4. Difference Between array and string
  5. Difference Between Static and non Static methods
  6. Write a program for palindrome 
  7. Any Question 
  8. No hr directly offer letter 

Mindtree Interview Experience #7:

  1. Self-introduction
  2. What is OOPs
  3. what is inheritance 
  4. Method overloading 
  5. Some basic programming Questions 
  6. About Project 
  7. Project-Based Question 

Mindtree Interview Experience #8:

  1. Self-introduction
  2. Explain final year Project 
  3. C++ Question Based on OOPS
  4. Polymorphism
  5. Inheritance 
  6. Encapsulation
  7. Superclass
  8. Write a code of swapping 2 numbers
  9. About future plans

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Disclaimer: These interview questions here are the candidate’s own experience. The questions may vary for you.

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