Atos Syntel is a subsidiary of Atos and a multinational provider of integrated technology and business services. The company is led by Rakesh Khanna. Atos Syntel was created by the acquisition of Syntel.

Atos Syntel Recruitment Process:

The Atos Syntel Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:

  • Online assessment test
  • Technical interview round
  • HR interview round

Atos Syntel Recruitment Academic Criteria

  1. A candidate must have more than 60% marks in 10th and 12th (or diploma).
  2. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  3. A maximum gap of 1 year is permissible after HSC(12th) and not after SSC(10th) or in between semesters of graduation.
  4. A candidate may have one backlog at the time of appearing for the wipro selection process.

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Wipro interviews.


Atos Syntel Interview Experience #1:

  1. Tr Round:
    1. Self intro
    2. Asked Sql queries on joins, subquery, also on MultiRow Functions
    3. Questions on selenium tool(actually i mentioned selenium in my resume)

    – webdriver architecture
    -how to take a screenshot thru selenium(we should give brief explanation )

    4.On Java
    – method overloading and overriding
    – what is constructor
    – encapsulation
    -how many data types we have
    – what is class
    – what is oops

    Self intro
    About agreement, package

    Thats it andi….😊

Atos Syntel Interview Experience #2:

  1. About the project
  2. role in the project
  3. difficulties faced in project
  4. difference between c and java
  5. what is pointers
  6. methods and functions
  8. how do u take complex decision

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