Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting, and business process services

Wipro Recruitment Process:

The wipro Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:

  • Online assessment test
  • Technical interview round
  • HR interview round

Wipro Recruitment Academic Criteria

  1. A candidate must have more than 60% marks in 10th and 12th (or diploma).
  2. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  3. A maximum gap of 1 year is permissible after HSC(12th) and not after SSC(10th) or in between semesters of graduation.
  4. A candidate may have one backlog at the time of appearing for the wipro selection process.

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Wipro interviews.


Wipro Interview Experience #1:

  1. Self-intro
  2. Programming languages known
  3. Difference between = and ==
  4. What is a list
  5. Backlogs
  6. Education gap
  7. Wish to relocate

Wipro Interview Experience #2:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. 10 12 n B.tech percentage
  3. Tell me about your project
  4. Explain the project
  5. She told in your assessment you used ‘== ‘ to explain why is it used for
  6. How was the assessment?
  7. What languages uk (I said the python
  8. Tell me what is a range
  9. Okay now tell me about the nonacademic part
  10. How u faced a difficult situation
  11. Relocate
  12. Bond
  13. If you have any questions

Wipro Interview Experience #3:

  1. Aptitude
  2. Business round interview
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Explain you project
  5. What difficulty faces in your project
  6. how do you make a project alone or team?
  7. I say alone then he asks in Wipro which you for making project team or alone?

Wipro Interview Experience #4:

  1. Self-intro?
  2. Which branch ur from ?
  3. Were programming languages known?
  4. I said c & python ,
  5. He didn’t ask a single question of Tr questions and he said after joining u need to do coding, and I said I’ll do it
  6. Ready to relocate?
  7. Do u have any questions for me
  8. That’s all about my interview

Wipro Interview Experience #5:

Round 1- Preplacement talk

Round 2- Online Assessment

  • Quants
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal

Number of Questions:- 60(20 question each)

Time Limit- 60 min (20 min each)

4.Written Communication Test

Number of Questions:- 1

Time Limit- 20 min

Round 3- Interview round (Business discussion)
In interviews, they just ask about our academics.
-oops concept
-Diff. between DBMS & RDBMS
– Normalization
– Ready for relocation or not
That’s it…

Wipro Interview Experience #6:

1. Self-intro
2. Which language you most comfortable
3. I said c and Java
4. Features of c and Java
5.diff c,c++,Java
6. define dynamic programming
7. oops concept
8.call by value&reference
9. types of inheritance
10. basic hr question
11..bond, etc

Wipro Interview Experience #7:

2)About family
3)DS and DBMS
4)About wipro
6)What is C
8)about bond
Any questions..he is very friendly he is not at all interested in listening to my answer but he just wanted my communication skills.

Wipro Interview Experience #8:

He asked me only situation based questions like….if I give project with 20days deadline almost 90%completed in 17 days you have only 3days to complete 10%work in this situation what should you do?
I give a project in c language…your teammates don’t know c language…in this situation what should you do?
You have only 3 days to complete 10% work so you feel some stress and fear in this situation how would you overcome your fear and stress?
HR questions like…
Are you reallocate….are you interested to join in wipro…any queries..that’s it

Wipro Interview Experience #9:

  1. Both TR and HR in a single round (Wipro)
  2. Are you ready with the bond and relocate.
  3. which language you are comfortable?
  4. what are the opps concept and explain ?
  5. what is static method?
  6. explain about your project?
  7. what are the technology used inyour
  8. project and explain?
  9. your fvt subject. and why ?
  10. explain in single word and also
  11. explain two topics ?
  12. what you learned in your college other than studies?
  13. why you are shifting to Non IT to IT.?
  14. why wipro?
  15. any question???

HR based questions

  1. Intro
  2. Project
  3. Some project related questions
  4. Strength
  5. Weakness
  6. Why should we hire you?
  7. Where do see yourself in next 5 years ?
  8. Backlog
  9. Open to relocate?

Wipro Interview Experience #10:

1: Introduce yourself
2:why u choose wipro
3:your from mechanical why your switch to it
4:team work is important or group work is important difference them.
5:Time is important are not

Wipro Interview Experience #11:

  1. Self-intro
  2. Project
  3. Abt Wipro
  4. Diff between c nd c++
  5. Abt tuples nd list
  6. Wat is append
  7. Global and local variable diff in python
  8. Oops concepts in Java
  9. Bond
  10. Reallocate
  11. Y should I hire uh
  12. Any conflict wit team members how do uh resolve it
  13. Wat uh learn in pandemic period
  14. Ur inspiration
  15. I done my internship on machine
  16. learning soo he asked abt some real time application based on ml

Wipro Interview Experience #11:

  1. Mostly for me they didn’t ask more on tr
  2. They just asked me
  3. Oop
  4. What are your goals?
  5. What did you learn from ur NGO?? (
  6. Actually, I have mentioned about my
  7. NGO in self-intro so they asked on that)
  8. What did you learn from ur clg?
  9. Say about ur native place?
  10. What are ur likes and dislikes?
  11. Are you willing to Relocate?
  12. Are you okay with terms and
  13. conditions and abt bound?

Wipro Interview Experience #12:

  1. Wipro Interview experience
  2. One Technical question from python
  3. About pandas
  4. Project explanation
  5. Introduction yourself
  6. Hr questions
  7. About bond
  8. Relocation
  9. Collage cultural activities
  10. Define sucess
  11. How will you manage your team as a
  12. team leader
  13. That’s it about interview


Wipro Interview Experience #13:

In Wipro both tr and hr is in one round name business discussion round
1.tell me about your self.
2. Which language do you know
3. What is array .
4.what is class .
5. Write a programme in c .(counting number).
6.Are you willing to relocate.
7.Have you any backlog and year gap.
8.where do you see after 5 year.


Wipro Interview Experience #14:

  1. How was ur assessment
  2. Is it easy or tough?
  3. Tell me about your self including
  4. strengths weakness and your goals?
  5. Why should we hire you?
  6. What do you know about Wipro?
  7. Why Wipro?
  8. Are you willing to relocate?
  9. Any backlogs or gaps?
  10. Okay with nightshits and weekends?
  11. What is pointer?
  12. Diff types of pointer?
  13. What is array?
  14. How can we access multi dimensional
  15. array elements?
  16. I’m done with the interview
  17. Do you have any ques?
  18. All the very best !!

Wipro Interview Experience #15:

  1. I had my wipro interview today
  2. The questions were
  3. Tell about yourself
  4. Project
  5. Hobbies and about my family
  6. Types of network?
  7. What is topology and it’s types?
  8. What is Mac address?
  9. What is ip address?
  10. What is firewall and Firefox?
  11. Rate yourself in u r programming
  12. language (c and Java both)
  13. What is dynamic memory?
  14. What is pointer?
  15. What dangling pointers?
  16. Difference between call by value and
  17. call by reference?
  18. What is JVM,JDK and JRE?
  19. What is static block?
  20. Difference between local variable and global variable?
  21. Without main function in c and Java will the code execute?
    What is interpreted?
  22. Any backlogs?
  23. Any education gap?
  24. Ready to relocate?
  25. Ready to sign the bond?
  26. Any questions for me?
  27. And at the end ask for feedback

All the best for your interview

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