Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital, and platforms.

Recruitment Process:

The Capgemini Recruitment Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:

  • Online assessment test
  • Technical interview round
  • HR interview round

Academic Criteria:

  • Candidates must have a 60% or higher in Diploma, Graduation, and MCA/ ME / MTech.
  • For SSC and HSC scores, there are no percentage criteria.
  • The interview process is open for all branches for both BE and BTech.
  • ME / MTech students must be only from Information Technology, Information Science, and Computer Science.
  • Candidates should not have any outstanding backlogs when they come for the process.
  • Only those candidates who have been shortlisted for the further rounds will be eligible for further rounds.


  1. Try to be as interactive with interviewers as possible.
  2. Before you start writing code, tell them what are all the possible solutions and which one you are choosing and why.
  3. Don’t mention that you don’t know.

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Capgemini interviews.

Capgemini Interview Experience #1:

  1. Introduction yourself
  2. Explain final year project
  3. Few questions of Java-like interface, inheritance, and oops ( unique key, foreign key).
  4. Create an object.
  5. Make an array of 5 elements. And show it with the help of for loop.
  6. One aptitude question.

Capgemini Interview Experience #2:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. what are the projects you have done?(I did Two projects in final year)
  3. What is the biggest challenge you faced while doing your project and what was your role in it?
  4. What are the technical skills you have?
  5. In the future what are the technologies you want to learn? And the interviewer gave a little feedback on me in a positive way. That’s it after 4 days i got an LOI.

Capgemini Interview Experience #3:

  1. Introduction
  2. DBMS questions
  3. oops concepts
  4. fibonacci series program
  5. data encryption
  6. project role in the project
  7. why should we hire you
  8. any questions

Capgemini Interview Experience #4:

  1. About Project
  2. Palindrome program
  3. Access modifiers and the difference between each of them briefly.
  4. OOPS(Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction)
  5. Method overloading and overriding
  6. About constructors and then given a program based on constructers and asked to explain the execution flow output
  7. Data types in Java

Capgemini Interview Experience #5:

  1. First about urself
  2. Then next he asked the branch
    I said, Mech
  3. Then about language, I said C
    But he continuously asked Java
    topics I know some topics but some
    don’t know and I said, sir
    Plz ask C I’m comfortable in C
  4. some basic questions and write syntax for C
  5.  Relocation and project in BTech
    Then he said best of luck

Capgemini Interview Experience #6:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. why you prefer the IT field over
  3. why you leave your current
  4. what you know about machine
    learning and linear regression
  5. Then some basics of python
  6. Final year project and challenges
    that I faced
  7. you have any questions

Capgemini Interview Experience #7:

  1. Self Introduction
  2. Known Programming language
  3. About my project
  4. Oops concepts
  5. Difference between c c++ and Java
  6. C tokens Program to print inverted half pyramid.
  7. To check number is prime or not.
  8. HTML tags and some basic questions on CSS
  9. What is short and long term goals
  10. Are you ready to relocate?
  11. Do you know about bonds?
  12. Why should we hire you?

Capgemini Interview Experience #8:

  1. Self-intro
  2. What are storage classes in c
  3. Define data structures
  4. What is oops
  5. Oops concepts explanation
  6. Final year project

Capgemini Interview Experience #9:

  1. What is a database?
  2. What is SQL?
  3. How to create an SQL table?
  4. Explain RAM and ROM?
  5. Difference between primary key and foreign key?
  6. What is inheritance?
  7. What is your strength?
  8. Where do we use a database?

Capgemini Interview Experience #10:

  1. I am non it so they asked about my project
  2. Why IT?
  3. Some project-oriented questions?
  4. Strength and weakness?
  5. Are u willing to work on weekends?
  6. Are u willing to learn new technologies?
  7. Can you relocate?

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